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They lost my luggage between Prague and Madrid

On my way from Prague to Madrid, where I was scheduled to leave for BA at 11 pm, my luggage was lost. Whether by struggling, may-be-grounded Air Italia, or by

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Tip: If you can, sit down when you’re taking the subway

BA’s subway system, called Subte, can get you most places you want to go. Just make sure you’re always checking to see where you are and that you’re sitting down …
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My key is stuck in my dorm room’s lock

“How did you do that?” the sexy lady in big beige boots who works afternoons in the hostel asked me when I showed her the problem.

“I don’t know…I think …
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Alitalia delivered my luggage!

The troubled airline delivered it right to the hostel, after yesterday calling to confirm the address. I haven’t checked in it to see if anything’s missing — hope not — …
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Eating out: Unico in Palermo Hollywood

Cut to the chase: Best beef sandwich I’ve ever had in my life, period. None better in Chicago, New York, or anywhere else I’ve had one. Tender and big, grilled, …
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Eating out: El Desnivel, Defensa 855, San Telmo

I wandered around lovely, artsy San Telmo this morning and early afternoon, developing an appetite. I finally decided on El Desnivel, which was recommended by

Lost luggage update

I should file this under “stuff that only means very much to me, and no one else,” but hey, this is a blog, and ephemera informs the diary format.

I …
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