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A response from a BA Twitter follower after I tweeted how much I’d cut down on smoking, living in a non-smoking flat with a non-smoking flatmate:

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Chris likes smalls

My flatmate Chris has been an antiques dealer for over 28 years. Rather than large items, like furniture and decorative items, Chris deals in “smalls.” I’ll let him explain what …
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Moved house

Chris and I moved from the dumpy flat near the corner of Niceto Vega and Scalabrini Ortiz to a much nicer, larger and certainly cleaner one, about 8 blocks …
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Day Trip to Colonia

In order to renew my Argentine tourist visa, I traveled 50 km by boat and spent all day yesterday in Colonia del Sacramento, a riverside port town in Uruguay known …
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Cecilia’s Birthday Party

Tomorrow I’m headed to Uruguay to get my visa renewed: Three hours to Colonia on a boat at 9 in the morning, and return to BA at 7 at night. …
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Every meal in BA

I talk a lot about food, don’t I? I’ll have to do something specific to change the balance, I guess.

But not today.

Last …
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Chris likes olives

My friend Chris, from Prague and Florida consecutively, and I have spent an inordinate amount of time searching for the perfect black olives. Chris recently consumed, as garnish …
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Something like happiness

So much for proving my commitment to the title of this blog. I can’t make it up to myself, but some updates are required before I can move …
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