Guest of the Week: Verity from the UK via Spain

Verity spent her last couple days in Art Factory, Buenos Aires trying to figure out what to write for this guest-post – Guest-post in two senses. I know how hard it can be to blog on-spec. Blogging is about writing what you want, after all. So, I appreciate her taking the time to write a few words about Art Factory, about why she started blogging, why she chose Argentina and what it all might mean. (She blogs via the Wordpress iPhone widget on her iPod touch, by the way. Which gets my geek-juice flowin’.)

You can find out a lot more about her adventures in Argentina on her Wordpress blog. I particularly like her most recent post, where she’s brought to tears over Argentinian culture and the thought of leaving it.

Lots of people pass through this hostel and through Argentina. I have yet to meet one who did not want to come back.

Three months ago I found myself without a job, without a car and very soon to be out of a flat .. a situation a million light years from the one I had envisaged for myself at the age of 40…

So rather than facing up to the reality of having to start from scratch I did what any sane person would do in the same position… I ran away for two months…

Why Argentina??

well I had always wanted to travel to south America and as this was the first time I had ever done this kind of travelling i wanted somewhere I would feel relatively safe on my own, where i spoke the language and besides there was so much to see in Argentina…

Why the blog???

I decided that it would be the best way for friends and family to keep up with me without having to do lots of emailing … and it was something for me to remember my trip by…

Why the Art Factory??

The truth is it was a stab in the dark… it was my first experience of hostelling and I picked it because it looked funky… I came back at the end of the trip because I was so well looked after by everyone at the beginning and the place has a really nice vibe… it was nice to come back to the place where I started my adventure nearly two months ago.

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