Word of the Day: Milonga

Milonga can mean either the Argentine musical genre that preceded the development of tango, or the dance form itself. It can also mean the place or event where milonga or tango are danced.

Click here for some good suggestions for milongas.

tango in Buenos Aires
Originally uploaded by Robert P Baxter

I have also been told that milonga is slang for cocaine.

One Response to “Word of the Day: Milonga”

  1. eran 16 June 2010 at 12:57 #

    Great information. Loved the photo!
    Please see also an excellent website about tango – providing many well researched articles about tango (including history of tango, milongas, embellishments, tango legends and lots of others) on http://www.tangoinfo.com.au
    Warm regards,
    Eran Braverman


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