Recommended Activity: Football in BsAs!

If you haven’t experienced football Argentinian-style then the locals would say you really haven’t experienced football. I’ve had Europeans, Brits even, tell me that they’ve never seen anything like it, either.

Tourist will have problems getting tickets on their own. Tickets for the Boca Juniors are controlled by the hardcore fans, vary in price wildly and according to the importance of the game and are not readily available to the general public, particularly foreigners. Simply going to the box office won’t work. Sure, you can buy a ticket on the street, hoping it’s not counterfeit (I know one group of guests to whom this happened,  ignoring our warnings.) but the easiest, safest and probably the most fun way for a foreigner to enjoy a football game in Buenos Aires is to book your tickets at your hostel. This is one case where simply accepting that you’re a tourist will ensure you have a good time.

Art Factory Hostel offers complete packages for those wanting to watch a game at Boca Stadium or River Plate. The package includes transportation to and from the game, pickup at the hostel, a free t-shirt, a free choripan and coke before the game, plus translation, guidance through the police checkpoints (Yes, police checkpoints. Put your cigarette lighter in your shoe; that’s what the porteños do.)  and informed, ethusiastic company throughout the game. Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite tour guide, Art Factory manager and big Boca fan, Cecelia, is headed to London for three months. She’s the cute chick smiling in the photos in the gallery below. But, there are lots of great guides available.

Check out our whiteboard in the hostel itself or the whiteboard on the blog to keep up to date on upcoming games.

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