Inked on Bond Street

Ink-mania overtook several Art Factory guests last week, and since there really is no better place to shop around for a tattoo parlor than in GalerĂ­a Bond Street on Ave. Santa Fe, a group of guests spent 4 days getting one right after the other at DTS Tattoo.

I usually describe Bond Street as The Punk Rock Mall but the shops in this multi-floor shopping center sell goth and skater garb and accessories, along with posters, music and military gear as well. Everything from Army Surplus to Chuck Taylors to Vision Street Wear. (I bought my brown suede half-cabs there a couple weeks ago.) There are more tattoo parlors per square meter in Bond Street than any other location in Buenos Aires. Boca football legend Maradona gets inked at American Tattoo, and so it oughta be good enough for you, too.

Here’s the boys: Paco in back, Forrest in front, and Aussie surfer boys Dylan and Matty from left to right.


The script on Dylan’s chest reads, in Spanish, Stay forever young.


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