Word of the Day: Buena Onda

buena onda

What with the Influenza A scare, Buenos Aires exhibits a little less of this important cultural foundation, but only a little.

Buena onda means good vibes, and it must be the reason why I see guests coming back again and again to Buenos Aires:

“You’re back!”

If I had a peso for every time I’ve said that one, or heard it.

But let’s face it, the touristic side of Buenos Aires can be exhausted in about a week; but that’s not why people stay, and extend their stays, and add a couple more days and still more … It’s a city to live in, not travel through; it’s not a checkmark on your itinerary to brag about to your mates back home. Because they won’t get it until they’ve been here.

In fact, you won’t want to go back home, because BA will feel like it more quickly than you thought possible.

Buena onda makes that happen.

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