Guest of the week: Rajive


Rajive caused some trouble when he stayed with us: But all of the good kind.

Oh sure, he was a bit loud when he got drunk, which was often, but he was also kind, generous (flowers for reception every day and he kept sharing his American Spirits with me), full of stories with surprise endings, gay-friendly, punk-positive, a real artist as well as an arts teacher for a high school in the Bronx.

I wish I had a peso for every time he said, “I really like you, man!” or “That’s the way I roll, babay!” or “This is the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in, man. It’s been really good for me!”

Yeah, many of his sentences deserved exclamation points.

Lots of people pass through this converted mansion and to be honest, most of them I forget. Rajive was an indelible character. With layers, as they say. I hope he comes back.

The cameo in the photo below is a tribute to his girlfriend, never far from his mind. That poncho he’s wearing? A real gaucho antique, and as Rajive might say, really fuckin’ cool!

His Web site is here.

One Response to “Guest of the week: Rajive”

  1. Rajive 1 January 2010 at 03:54 #

    What's shakin', Ricky my homie!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful comments. Meeting you meant a lot to me.

    Hope you have a happy New Year and send me an email when you get a chance.

    I don't have any of your contact information.


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