Recommended Night Out: Club 69

Monday nights, La Bomba is a sure thing for a good time in Buenos Aires. (Take in a free live show at La Cigale afterward.)

On Thursdays, for big parties, it’s a toss-up between Wacha! at Cocoliche and Club 69 at Niceto Club in Palermo. Wacha! features more self-described underground international DJs while Club 69 features grandiose lightshows and often over-the-top and very, very gay performances on the large stage.

In many successful big clubs in BsAs, trendy events and parties are often organized by gay men and so are decidedly mixed, in terms of both sexual orientation and gender. In that last regard, it helps that women often get in free before a certain time. I’m not sure about the policy towards drag queens, but you’ll no doubt see a few. But hey, that’s BsAs.

The last time I was at Club 69, the theme was Egyptian genderfuck, but if there were more than a handful of gay folks there, I missed them. Nearly every young guy around us was hitting on Steph, my Swedish sugar mama for the evening. I was broke but it was her last night in Buenos Aires and she insisted that I come along, that she would pay for everything. She did, and then some. The sweet peeps you meet when you work in a hostel.

Performances and performers vary each week. The night we were there a group of very talented and very hot young breakdancers spun on their heads, back-flipped, gyrated and basically strutted their stuff for well over an hour. Impressive display, in more ways than one.

Across the street from Niceto Club, you’ll find Carnal, a popular, mostly chilled-out spot with an upstairs terrace and VIP room (gross). A good place to begin the evening. That’s what we did. But Palermo is full of bars. More than likely, however, you’ll be dancing ’til dawn at Club 69.

When you finally head home, make sure you get into a proper cab. One without a broken windshields.

Club 69, Club Niceto, Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Women free before 2am. Men $15 pesos before 2am, if you’re on the list.

Go to the Web site (Flash. Yuck.) and click on the manhole to send an e-mail to get on the list.

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