BA Photo of the Day: San Telmo Street Art

Lots more San Telmo street art in Valerie’s flickr photostream. Valerie also happens to be our Guest of the Week. (Sorry, Jeff!)

Besides being an all-around cool gal and a smart cookie, Valerie was kind enough to take my direction when shooting these photos on my San Telmo Art Walk. Otherwise, I’d have nothing. She also let me bunk with her in room #15, usually referred to as The Cow Room. Click here to see it. It’s Art Factory’s iconic room and many people ask for it, but it’s not even my favorite by far.

Anyway, thanks Valerie for the company, the drunken, vulgar bar-talk and for letting me blog your photos. Hope you come back.

Here’s a couple more pix of San Telmo street art, the first near Parque Lezama and the second by El Odio on Estados Unidos street. El Odio painted room #9 in Art Factory, which is one of my favorites.

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