Partying in Bs As: Trashmission

Hey kids,

So, if I haven’t already told you, I’m a journalist, specialising in event and music journalism.  Before I came here, I was commissioned to write a feature on clubbing in Buenos Aires for leading electronic music platform, Resident Advisor, for whom I freelance for.  As a result, much of my life for the past two-and-a-half months has revolved around la vida nocturna in Buenos Aires: I simply have to go out all the time… pobrecito mí!  Anyway, last night, along with a couple of Art Factory residents, I attended one of the best parties I’ve been to here so far: Trashmission.

Organised by Javier and Kat from Wicked magazine, Trashmission is a series of “pop-up” parties that take place at variousunderground venues across the city, this time at quite simply one of the best warehouses I have ever had the pleasure to party in.  The concept behind Trashmission is a little over-intellectualised for me, with a kind of anti-trend, anti-fashion, nihilistic ethos which, in effect, serves to create exactly the reverse of what it intends: a trend.  Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun, positively anarchic at times and had a markedly different crowd from your average club night in Capital Federal.

So, onto the event.  As I said, it was held in a warehouse, well, actually a factory in Almagro: a cavernous space, definitely more than a bit rough around the edges (which is to be expected, and indeed wanted in a warehouse party) and adorned with graffiti. The music was, in general, good—a mixture of techno, house, dnb, electro, a smattering of hip-hop and even a dub-step tune thrown into the mix. At times, the mixing was a little, how shall I put it, clumsy, but the atmosphere more than made up for it. A host of local talent were spinning throughout the night including: DJ Rick Hunter, Mr. Doctor Zeitgeist, Kat Kat from Planetkat, Peter Panik, Doctor Benway, Fango, Modex DJs, Berger Muzik and Lumiere Electronique. Excellent visuals from a variety of local VJs were broadcasted throughout the night, and there was even a drag strip show in the toilets. Cr-azy. The crowd was friendly, if a little messy at times, the drinks cheap enough and fun was had, I think, by all. For me, aside from Cocoliche, it came the closest to a London party out of the plethora of fiestas I’ve attended so far.

So, if you’re going to be around in Bs As for a while, or if you’re planning to return in a few months and if you like eclectic electronic music, I highly recommend this party if you fancy an unconventional night out in the city. Join their facebook group for more information on future parties.



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