Art Factory Guests of the Week

Although I like having a flat of my own now and not having to wait for computer time or for the kitchen to be free of pasta-making backpackers, I really miss meeting new people from everywhere nearly every day. I’ve made so many good friends over the year I was heavily involved with Art Factory. Most of them I’m still in contact with via Facebook, one of that network’s few strong points.

I remember making tacos with Loren from France and Juan Carlos from Mexico. Going to see an amazing, raucous R.E.M. concert with Sally from Australia. Getting treated to a night out at Club 69 by Fanny and Jeff. Getting plastered at Red Door with Khadij, Leonde, Martina (!) and Anna. Visiting every gallery in Buenos Aires with Mette and Lisa whom I also cooked for and bitched with: I loved that! Flirting heavily with Cyril who still hung out with me. Coming out of the closet, again, to my Rosario buddy Gustavo, who wasn’t surprised. Smoking American Spirits with Rajive on the terrace. Singing Hallelujah with the inimitable Bryan. Getting high with… well, never mind. And I had lotsa of fun with many other folks whose pictures I couldn’t find.

And of course, without Art Factory I never would have met my little sister, Ceci, the heart and hand of Art Factory Hostel. She’s saying goodbye to Art Factory and Buenos Aires this Friday. BIG sadness.

Beyond the great art on the walls and the Quilmes, this is what Art Factory Hostel is all about: People.

Mette, Lisa and Me at Art Factory Hostel

Mette, Lisa and Me at Art Factory Hostel

I miss y’all!

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