Word of the Week: Yeta


Yeta is bad luck or a jinx.

It’s an adjective used to describe someone who attracts only bad luck or accidents. The origin of the word comes from a very old Argentine comic character, named Yetatore, who was an old man causing all sorts of chaos around him (a little bit like Mr. Magoo).

The World Cup revealed to us all a real big YETA superstar: Mick Jagger.

He went to the stadium to support England, and his team lost 4-1 against Germany. Then he went to cheer for the US team playing against Ghana: They lost to the Africans, 2-1.
Then, he went to watch Brasil-Holland, when the Euopreans kicked out Brasil 2-1 out of the WK. Guess who Mick was supporting?

And finally, Jagger sat down and go ready to enjoy a great match. He got his Coca Cola and snacks and sat next to Leo DiCaprio in a nice Cape Town stadium. The match: Argentina-Germany. No need to say who was Mick cheering for…

Please Mick Jagger, you are a big YETA person and we want you all away from the stadiums when Argentina is playing. But don’t get us wrong, we still love your music!!

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