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New Art At Art Factory

More art is always going up in Art Factory Hostel, so much that I’m usually surprised by something new whenever I visit.

Two weeks ago, at the beginning of …
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Mural Artist Grothesque Paints Art Factory

I’ve been away from Art Factory for awhile and so when I visited last Tuesday I was anxious to see any new art. I was expecting something good but …
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BA Photo of the Day: San Telmo Manga Graffiti

I used to do a San Telmo Art Walk, a tour around Buenos Aires’ oldest barrio surveying the street art and the burgeoning gallery scene. Art Factory itself fills …
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BA Photos of the Day: New San Telmo Graffiti

The top photo is wallwork by Federico. Another one of his Lucha Libre characters. A fun piece found only in Art Factory Hostel. …
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