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BsAs photo of the day: Universo Colorido

Universo Colorido, originally uploaded by Má Fernández.

I dunno if it’s Boca, although it sures looks it, but it’s definitely Buenos Aires.

Art Factory Presents John Waters’ Hairspray

José and I have been planning the first weekly Cinema Under the Stars for Art Factory. (I’m sure we”re violating all sort of copyright restrictions for public peformance, etc. Well, …
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last flickr photos of the day: Art Factory art

flickr photo of the day: Wet tango on the Art Factory terrace

I took about a billion photos of Cecilia and Lucia rehearsing for their performance piece on New Year’s Eve. I’m featuring just a handful.

flickr photo of the day: Lucia at Art Factory

flickr photo of the day: Cecilia


Cecilia’s Birthday Party

Tomorrow I’m headed to Uruguay to get my visa renewed: Three hours to Colonia on a boat at 9 in the morning, and return to BA at 7 at night. …
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