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Title: BAEXPATS.ORG Dinner
Location: To Japanese Restaurant, Costa Rica 6000
Link out: Click here for the restaurant’s page.
Description: The expats forums site hosts a dinner at …
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Recommended Restaurant: Chan Chan

Travelers learn how to say goodbye better than almost anyone else. I guess because it’s the thing we do the most, and with the most gusto, but without really thinking …
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BA Blog Plug: Saltshaker

Recently stumbled upon a great Buenos Aires-based blog written by an American expat and chef, Dan Perlman. He’s also a martial artist, apparently, and has a cute boyfriend. Much …
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Every meal in BA

I talk a lot about food, don’t I? I’ll have to do something specific to change the balance, I guess.

But not today.

Last …
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Chris likes olives

My friend Chris, from Prague and Florida consecutively, and I have spent an inordinate amount of time searching for the perfect black olives. Chris recently consumed, as garnish …
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Thanksgiving in BsAs

I’ve been away from the U.S., my home country, for almost 6 years. Today was the first Thanksgiving since then that I’ve eaten a traditional turkey dinner. Nope, no …
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Recommended Restaurant: Las Pencas in San Telmo

I’ve eaten three times at this small, quaint (I hate using that word, but with the lovely naïf folk-art on the walls, it applies.) restaurant on the corner of Estados …
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Tip: Free pizza in Palermo Soho

On Thursday nights, or jueves, Post Bar, on Thames Street in Palermo, offers free individual cheese pizzas. With purchase of at least a liter of cerveza in a cold, frosty …
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Eating out: Unico in Palermo Hollywood

Cut to the chase: Best beef sandwich I’ve ever had in my life, period. None better in Chicago, New York, or anywhere else I’ve had one. Tender and big, grilled, …
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Eating out: El Desnivel, Defensa 855, San Telmo

I wandered around lovely, artsy San Telmo this morning and early afternoon, developing an appetite. I finally decided on El Desnivel, which was recommended by


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