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Word of the day: Telos


Sex hotels in Buenos Aires that rent out per hour to couples – or, to threesomes, I assume. I don’t see why the management would care.

Rooms can be …
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Word of the day: Chamuyo


sweet talk (also, lie).  Colloquially, it’s “talking shit.”

Used mostly in bars, clubs (picking up boys or girls), but also when selling or buying, bargaining, selling oneself for a …
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Word of the Day: Milonga

Milonga can mean either the Argentine musical genre that preceded the development of tango, or the dance form itself. It can also mean the place or event where milonga
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Cool blog: Argentine Spanish Slang Dictionary

I was searching for, well, a semi-dirty word to use for my next blog project, and Googled across this great Wordpress blog.

Rather than chronologically, posts are organized …
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Language lessons

Although I had four years of Spanish in high school — and was considered by my teacher the finest student he’d ever had — that was a long time ago. …
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