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flickr photo of the day: #9 Bus, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Some tips on using buses in Buenos Aires:
1. Hoard your coins.
There’s a coin shortage in BsAs so hold on to what you’ve got, despite what the signs …
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Pickpockets on the Subway

When I turned one way, he turned with me. Twice. And he wouldn’t meet my eyes.

The Subte, or subway, or underground, wasn’t that crowded, and I was a bit …
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Tip: Save all your centavos for the next bus ride

If you spend any time at all in Buenos Aires, you’ll want to use the extensive bus system. It only takes coins and the driver has no change.

A typical …
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Tip: If you can, sit down when you’re taking the subway

BA’s subway system, called Subte, can get you most places you want to go. Just make sure you’re always checking to see where you are and that you’re sitting down …
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