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Mural artist Grothesque painted a big-ass emblem on our big white wall on the terrace. It can be seen from a long way down Piedras! He also painted the outside walls of one of our new rooftop rooms. Click here for more Grothesque.

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Cabaio Paints the new Art Factory Rooftop Bar

cabaio/stencilsystem paints Art Factory's new rooftop bar.

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Buenos Aires Graffiti Artist

Dano, a local graffiti artist, paints some walls in Art Factory Hostel.

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Making of Art Factory

Converting a Victorian mansion/transient hotel into San Telmo's best backpacker hostel.

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5 and 20 Cycling Backpackers

A big group of cyclists descended on Art Factory. They were in the middle of a grand tour of South America: 125 days, 15,000 km, the largest of its kind ever attempted by a tour group. Wipe-Out King James was kind enough to share some of his photos of the tour with us. Thanks!

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San Telmo Gallery Walk 2

New stuff, new openings, new guests!

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San Telmo Art Walk

Every Wednesday and Friday, I conduct a walk through San Telmo's vibrant and emerging arts scene. We tour local galleries and artists' and designers' shops, talk to the curators and sometimes the artists, seek out graffiti art, take an empanada or pizza pit stop and usually end up in one San Telmo's oldest bars for a beer or two or three. Stimulating and fun.

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San Telmo

Art Factory Hostel is situated in Buenos Aires' second oldest neighborhood, historic San Telmo with its colonial-era buildings, antiques shops and the famous lively street market every Sunday.

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La Puerta Roja, San Telmo Bar

For some reason, tongues always come out in La Puerta Roja, my favorite, almost divey bar in San Telmo. A very short walk from the hostel. Good beer, a busy pool room plus you can smoke.

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Club 69

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Art Factory Guests

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Chan Chan

Farewell party for Bryan Fury at Chan Chan, a budget Peruvian restaurant in the Congresso Bario of Buenos Aires.

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Black Market Party

DJ Fred Spider rocked the house, dozens and dozens dance, the police were called and we finished off the last beer around 6 in the morning.

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Mexican fiesta

Juan Carlos, our resident chef-in-training, wowed the guests with his taco night. Loren, from France, and me were his sous chefs. Late, late night with great food. Awesome guacamole!

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Beatles Night

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Hot wings!

Sparsely attended, but that just meant there were more wings for everyone. For the first ten minutes after I served the wings, no one spoke, just attacked the wings like true carnivores. Then, we danced.

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Asado Rosarino

Some hostels owners from Rosario visited Art Factory promoting, what else, Rosario. They also sponsored an asado, using their own special Rosarina style. Meat grilled very close to the fire.

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Asado is a technique for cooking cuts of meat, usually consisting of beef alongside various other meats, which are cooked on a grill (parrilla) or open fire. Asado is quite popular in the Pampa region of South America, and it is the traditional dish of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

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New Year's Eve 2008 - Art Factory Hostel, Buenos Aire

Manager Cecilia and her flatmate Lucia performed an absurdist comedy piece called Ravioles, while your friendly neighborhood blogger, Rick Powell, deejayed. Then we got drunk.

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Football is a national passion in Argentina, some might say obsession. Enjoy a great game in Buenos Aires at Boca or River Plate stadiums. It gets kinda rowdy sometimes, so be prepared to stand and shout the whole time.

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Parties at Art Factory Hostel in Buenos Aires.

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Art and Performance at Art Factory Hostel, Buenos Aires

A few examples of the art on the walls of Art Factory Hostel Buenos Aires, as well as some art on a Brazilian guest.

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Rooftop Bar Pre-Opening Party

3 bands, graffiti artists, backpackers and porteƱos, plus $5 peso beers.

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Wet Tango on the Art Factory Terrace

Cecilia and Lucia practice their absurdist comedy piece on Art Factory's rooftop terrace. Yes, there are showers up there. For after-tanning cool-downs. Photos by Rick Powell

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