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BA Photo of the Week: Gauchito Gil

For some reason, I’ve never taken a photo of this, one of Grolou’s best pieces in San Telmo. Luckily someone else took a nice one.

Grolou …
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Gallery Roundup

Despite the primacy of the World Cup at the moment, the arts season has begun here in San Telmo with several galleries having opened significant exhibitions. Later on in the …
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BA Photo Of the Day: In the Navy

Louis Grolou has painted more walls and buildings on the streets of San Telmo, I think, than any other graffiti artist who is also represented on the walls of Art …
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New Art At Art Factory

More art is always going up in Art Factory Hostel, so much that I’m usually surprised by something new whenever I visit.

Two weeks ago, at the beginning of …
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San Telmo Art Walk, Again!

I got a phone call Monday evening from Augustín in Art Factory’s reception. A couple of guests had been asking about art galleries in the neighborhood. A bit stumped, I …
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San Telmo Art Walk Returns

I’ve started up the San Telmo Art Walks again and hope to conduct them twice a week starting next week. This week there will be an art walk …
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The Three Virgins

Last week Wussmann Gallery in San Telmo opened a new installation. Wussmann is just a hop, skip and a jump from Art Factory Hostel and my …
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BA Photo of the Day: San Telmo Manga Graffiti

I used to do a San Telmo Art Walk, a tour around Buenos Aires’ oldest barrio surveying the street art and the burgeoning gallery scene. Art Factory itself fills …
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Rumors of Our Demise

Rumors of our demise have been… well, you know the rest.

I moved out of Art Factory several months ago, got a new job, started living in a new neighborhood. …
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